My story so far…

I was sitting here earlier, putting together a brief summary piece for the About page.  When the this became a little than really required, I decided to simply delete the lot.  Quick paragraph, which can be edited later.  And then after a little Human Fall Flat and Overwatch I ended up here.

What I had started composing was a piece about what I have played, consoles etc.  It just got a little long.  And so I thought I would share a little more.

My gameplay memories start with the classics, Pong, Paperboy but a number of hours were spent on games like Chuckie Egg and Repton 2 pre console.

We did not have a NES or SNES so I didn’t get hours of Mario growing up, like most children though, I was aware of the plumber and a friend had a SNES when they came out and occasional after school sessions of Mario Kart were enough to hook anyone to the series for life.  We did pick up a few consoles from Nintendo when we started doing the purchasing.

Console wise we started with the SEGA Master System, and I dedicated many hours to Alex Kidd in Miracle World until Sonic the Hedgehog came along.  So many games were played on the Master System it is hard to keep track (I was young).

When the Mega Drive came out we added that to the console collection.  Games like Streets of Rage, Desert Strike, Sensible Soccer all getting hours of game play.

Then came the PS1 and I remember having a game Tunnel B1, spent hours trying to figure that out.  But I think I wasn’t the only person that lost a few weeks to Dual Shock controllers and Gran Turismo when they were released.

I also remember getting a card from Game, inviting me to preorder a game soon to be released.  It was from a series I had never heard of and it was the 7th in that series.  Looking at the pictures on the card I gave it a try, and the number of years I have lost to Final Fantasy 7, are well, I am playing catch up with some others.

The first console that I purchased was the SEGA Game Gear, I picked it up on a holiday to Florida.  My brother had a Nintendo Gameboy, so Tetris got a few hours play.  I picked up the Nintendo 64, got the obligatory selection of games.  Had a Gamecube too.

Then went a little SONY way and the PS2 was the console of choice for a few years, GTA has come along way from the early days.  But generally there was a great selection of games.

Now, the choice to define a generation.  Xbox came out, I queued at midnight, carried it home and then sat until I don’t know when playing Halo.  This was me, settled, just how I liked it, the games coming out just started to edge my PS2 into the corner.  And eventually it was traded in for games.

I owned 1 original xbox, I think we all had numerous 360’s, not necessarily due to issues.  Hard Disk introduction, I really never could understand the Arcade version.

We purchased a Wii and had fun bowling, then the Kinect came out.  Now I enjoyed the Kinect, Kinect Adventures etc on the 360 was fun.  What I didn’t enjoy was when they tried to build it into games when it really wasn’t needed.  When I was happily running along on Halo Anniversary and my son shouts “Grenade” so Master Chief obliges and throws, suddenly I have none and really could use 1.

xbox controllers

Now that we are into Xbox One and moved on to the X, I have got the room set up as is required to experience the games as designed.  4K TV, and Dolby Atmos Home Theatre, some games really make look outside because you wonder what the noise is.

what is the first game you remember playing?


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